On 2.11.16, Artseco was commissioned by URBAN NATION to place pictures in the rooms of the future Museum for Urban Contemporary Art.

Some heavy large formats were suspended from the ceiling using steel cables, so that they appeared to float freely. Integrating the art of predominantly young artists into the rooms, which were still under construction, made this commission particularly exciting. The result was a very nice contrast between the young art world and the old building.

Uneven walls and floors presented us with the challenge of placing the pictures in such a way that they all hung securely at the same height or alignment, allowing each work to have an excellent effect on its own.

URBAN NATION is anchored in the non-profit foundation Berliner Leben and thus operates within a non-commercial framework. The building at Bülowstraße 7 is being converted into an international museum with funds from the LOTTO Foundation Berlin. It will attract artists and art enthusiasts, Berliners and tourists alike and offer space for development and a place for research.

URBAN NATION Museum for Urban Contemporary Art. Opening will be in mid-2017.

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