On Friday, May 18, Artseco’s summer party took place again for the first time in a long time. There was everything from a truck rally for the next generation of Artseco employees to a motivational speech from the boss. The perfect occasion to celebrate together once again and recharge our batteries before heading to Art Basel at the beginning of June. And not only the Artseco team was there to celebrate, the entire Artseco family including women, men and children were there.

In addition to a piece of meat from the barbecue, the opportunity was also taken to finally have a long chat with all colleagues. There was also room for personal requests. Be it through a short speech in front of the team or personally with the boss. Everyone was invited to speak or listen. The boss in particular did not miss the opportunity to take the floor and give a speech of praise.
He proudly reported on Artseco’s current success and gave feedback to the team. The work of each employee was assessed. Constructive criticism and praise went hand in hand. In conclusion, the boss described the team as follows:
“That’s what makes Artseco special – we’re not all straightforward, we also think outside the box and beyond.”
The Artseco team has recently welcomed a new member, who has now been introduced as a native of the company. Jacqueline Böhme originally started at Froesch, but has now found her way from the competition to Artseco. She will be responsible for land transportation and customer acquisition.
And so a wonderful day came to an end, showing once again that Artseco is not only a great team at work, but also conveys this sense of community outside of work.

Your ARTSECO team

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