Exhibition service with collective transportation
and trade fair assembly and dismantling

Nail to Nail

Collectors, galleries and artists meet at art fairs. That’s where the business is done. We will take you there. Because even for these fairs, being there is everything. We organize your exhibition transport worldwide. We are also usually there in person to support our gallery customers.

Collective transportation for trade fairs

We have specialized in carrying out exhibition transports in cooperation with many galleries. Everyone benefits from the shared costs. We distinguish between two categories, depending on where the trade fair is:

European fairs

We collect our customers’ works of art. We drive to various loading points with our trucks and vans. The same time frame applies to everyone involved, everyone works together and everyone benefits from each other. At the destination, we personally ensure that your art is on your stand before the set-up starts. Afterwards, we are happy to offer you our trade fair service.

International overseas fairs

We collect all works of art throughout Europe. In our warehouse, the works are assigned to the individual galleries and labeled. We load all the art into specially made art collection crates that are suitable for air freight. Our customs broker then takes care of customs clearance. The artworks are then sent on their long journey overseas in the large crates. At the destination, we personally make sure that your art is on your stand before the start of set-up. Step by step together:

  • We will advise you personally and provide you with a customized quote
  • If you wish, we can inspect and estimate the transport volume.
  • Our ArtHandler will take care of the packaging service, including the procurement of materials.
  • We manufacture transport frames and crates for you
  • We stow your art in our trucks with the utmost care.
  • We transport your works of art safely.
  • Despite all the care: you are of course insured for transportation.

Trade fair set-up and dismantling/installation

Trade fair set-up service

  • Unpacking the work
  • Storage of empties at the trade fair or in the truck
  • Installation of partition walls, painting work and other services
  • Professional setting up, hanging and mounting of the works of art
  • Deliveries on site during the trade fair
  • Hanging or rearranging art objects

Exhibition dismantling service

  • Collection of various works and empties from the exhibition warehouse
  • Dismantling, dismantling and removal of the works of art
  • Art-specific packing material
  • Professional packing of all work
  • Carrying out all customs formalities
  • Collection from the stand
  • Loading into collection boxes or into our trucks

European fairs

ARCO Madrid
ART Cologne
ARCO Madrid
ART Cologne
ARCO Madrid
ART Cologne

Trade fairs and customs – often a time issue

Time is in short supply when preparing for a trade fair.
Once you have decided which works to take to the trade fair, the crucial question arises – how will customs be cleared?
What is the customs status of the work?
Has it already been sold?

If the work falls under the Cultural Property Protection Act (KGSG) due to its age and value, export to an EU member state and third countries is subject to authorization.
If you bring a work from an overseas exhibition, what do you have to pay attention to?
Why is a precise description of the work so important?
We organize your transport and take care of all your questions about customs and export permits.

Various customs procedures and formalities are usually required for transportation to third countries and return transportation to Germany:

  • final import / export
  • temporary import / export
  • VO creation and deletion
  • T- paper-opening and termination
  • Creation of export certificates

Customs clearance and bonded warehouse

Art and customs – a topic in itself

We take care of customs clearance for your works of art.
Our customs experts will answer all your questions about possible problems when art is to be transported across national borders. We will be happy to take care of customs clearance for your artwork.
When art leaves or enters the country, there are various customs procedures and formalities:

  • final import / export
  • temporary import / export
  • VO creation and deletion
  • T1- Paper opening and termination
  • Creation of export certificates

Customs warehouse ARTSECO
We also operate a customs warehouse in Berlin and Neuss, which is mainly used for the duty-free, indefinite storage of non-Union goods. We are happy to store your non-Union goods in one of our bonded warehouses. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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