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We offer gallery services especially for Berlin galleries: Are you looking for competent support with your day-to-day tasks? We know the business and can help you. There are always new exhibitions in the gallery spaces. Everything has to happen quickly between two shows. What has just been shown has to be dismantled, suspended or uninstalled as quickly as possible – and, of course, packed as securely as possible. Then the walls have to be moved or repainted.

After all, it often looks a little worn after dismantling, walls are full of holes or dirty. There is still so much to do before the next vernissage, and the time is fast approaching.
We help you to achieve your goals.

Packaging service

We professionally package your works of art for trade fairs and exhibitions. We take care of the details:

  • We estimate your transport volume – with pinpoint accuracy
  • We build art crates and transport frames for you in advance
  • We provide you with packing material suitable for art quickly and inexpensively.
  • We repack your art after the event
  • We dispose of old packaging material
  • We take care of storing empties.

Packaging material

Certain packaging materials are more suitable for art than others.
You can order directly from us:

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We also offer

  • custom-made artificial crates made from certified wood (IPPC marked)
  • custom-made transport frames

Art boxes are very special boxes

Every work of art has a different shape and nature, and it must be protected individually accordingly. The correct way to pack a work also depends on the type of transportation planned. Work with us to find the right crate or packaging option for your artwork and the upcoming transportation.

Gallery premium crate

A high-quality crate like this is designed to be used multiple times for transportation. It is therefore particularly popular with collectors or lenders. The beautifully shaped crate is made to measure, for which we need the dimensions of your already packed work. The premium crate is made from blockboard with sanded edges and sealing tape. The inside is filled with Nopa foam to match the size of the work.

Galerie Premium Kiste

Gallery Premium Crate

GPK Innen

Gallery Premium crate interior view

Gallery standard crate

The sturdy plywood crate is an inexpensive and effective packaging for various works. Our customers like to use them for one-way shipments or for price-sensitive transportation. The inside is lined with foam. The crate is made to measure, for which we need the dimensions of your already packed work.

Galerie Standard Kiste

Gallery Standard crate

GSK Innen

Gallery Standard crate interior

Transport frame

This transport frame protects the surface of your work from contact. This is particularly useful for land transportation; this type of packaging alone is not sufficient for air and sea transportation. The transport frame is made to measure, for which we need the dimensions of your already packed work.


Transport frame

Climate box

This crate has museum standard. It complies with all the required temperature and humidity conservation guidelines. To ensure that the crate fits exactly, please arrange a viewing appointment with us.


Climate box

Klimakiste Innen

Climate box interior view

Exhibition setup/installation
Not all art is the same

Experience and knowledge are required for assembly and installation, as every work is different. We will be happy to advise you on how to hang, mount, set up and install your artwork professionally. We will recommend the optimum hanging system to suit the wall structure of the gallery. We can help you carefully lift heavy sculptures and set up complicated installations.

Our ArtHandlers have a wealth of experience. They gain this experience by working in museums, with artists and in galleries. They receive regular professional training. And, of course, we deploy them internationally – so they are always up to date with the latest installation technology and technical equipment.
We support you with the important work steps:

  • Collection of the work from the gallery warehouse
  • Pre-collection of the work worldwide and in time for installation
  • Installation of partition walls, painting work and many other services
  • Use of special equipment such as hoists, cranes or lifting platforms
  • Packing and unpacking of all work
  • Storage of empties
  • Installation and set-up of the complete exhibition
  • Deinstallation
  • Provision of art-specific packing material

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