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Training courses

We are not just your service provider who takes care of art transportation and storage for you. We offer you much more: we organize training courses, workshops and lectures on topics related to art logistics. This allows you to give your employees a deeper insight into this world: Transportation, customs and many other points are highlighted.

You benefit from this as much as we do. Because only when we speak the same language and have the same expertise is it possible to communicate with each other on a sound basis. This is beneficial for everyone. It speeds up processing and ensures an understanding of quality.

Insurance lectures

Insuring art properly is a broad field. That’s why we’re only highlighting selected topics. We are happy to address your specific case studies.

Training contents are:

  • How are freight forwarders actually insured
  • Why does a customer need to take out transport insurance?
  • Who do you report damage to, and when has damage actually occurred?
  • What rights and obligations does a gallery have?
  • Transportation – risks prevention

    Every transport involves risks. The workshop clarifies fundamental questions about transportation and the services of art transporters. We will be happy to discuss your specific case studies.

    Training contents are:

  • Which transport routes are actually available
  • What is the safest transportation for certain works of art?
  • Who takes care of the artworks at the fair?
  • Who can you contact on site for additional cargo?
  • To what extent is collective transportation worthwhile for the gallery, what are the disadvantages?
  • Why should you book an art transportation company and not a courier?
  • Good packaging

    Suitable packaging is the be-all and end-all of safe art transportation. In the workshop, we will show you how it works in practice. We will be on hand to answer your questions if you want to discuss your own solutions with us.

    Training contents are:

    • We use examples to show you how to pack correctly
    • We will show you which packaging materials are available. We will also show you how these can be optimally processed and used for certain artworks.
    • We show you crate variants and clarify which is sufficient for which artwork
    • We provide information on what certain surfaces can withstand and how to protect them accordingly.

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