For an entire weekend, it seems as if all Berliners are crawling out of their holes. A highlight is just around the corner. 55 galleries give us an insight into the world of artists, which may sometimes seem incomprehensible or even crazy to us. This weekend, however, we have the opportunity to see this world for ourselves.

Like the world of the artist Clemens Tremmel in the Reiter Gallery, whose main aim is to convey in his paintings a feeling that he himself had in a certain place. At the same time, he wants to go against his own idealism by painting over or deleting parts of his work afterwards. “I cross a boundary by tearing down what I believe in the next moment.” This is what Clemens Tremmel himself says about his work and summarizes it in one sentence.

I only looked into the exact background of his paintings afterwards, but I knew on the spot that there was more to them than just a beautiful landscape.

Pictures by Clemens Tremmel from the Reiter Gallery

Ultimately, this is exactly what art should do for us: To let beauty wash over us, but at the same time to think about what lies behind this beauty.

We also paid a visit to the Max Hetzler Gallery. We were fascinated by Katharina Grosse and her paintings. Each painting was different in its own way and yet it was impossible to overlook the fact that they all stemmed from one idea. The idea that color is alive and has the ability to change perspective, add a layer and influence the mind and senses.

The paintings are present and draw the eye, but they are modest in terms of meaning and statement, leaving plenty of room for individual interpretation.

It was not only the special work with colors that captivated the view of the paintings, but also the size of the canvases was overwhelming. A friend I was there with asked me in shock how these huge paintings were installed. I had to smile, because the Artseco team had probably already asked themselves the same question and could now answer it for us with a kiss on the hand, as they had already done installations for Katharina Grosse themselves.
In keeping with this anecdote, we met a former Artseco employee on the way back. Note that Artseco also seemed to be everywhere that day.

The Gallery Weekend is over, but the impressions remain. Now all that remains is to wait until next year to get another insight into the world of artists.

Pictures by Katharina Grosse from the Max Hetzler Gallery

Your Chiara from the ARTSECO Team