Art Basel is regarded as THE leading world fair for the international art market. The entire art scene meets in Basel in mid-June to marvel at over 200 of the world’s leading galleries. A wide variety of art forms are presented, from new talents to modern masters. In addition, 73 huge installations will make this year’s fair something very special.

Artseco has been part of this special event since 2010, installing works from top galleries year after year. This year, a total of 25 galleries are putting their works in the hands of Artseco. 8 articulated trucks and 2 solo trucks are ready to transport all the works to Basel in two days. Full of enthusiasm, the Artseco team and 10 additional helpers from our partner set off for Basel a week before the start of the fair. Wearing joint Artseco T-shirts, we now set about unpacking and setting up.

The work was done. From June 15 to June 18, the works of art could be viewed and admired from all over the world. And the Artseco team was right in the middle of it all. In addition to the work, the time had finally come to take a look at the finished work and to realize once again that the profession of art handler always provides a great insight into the world of great art. To give you an insight into Art Basel, the Artseco team has captured some impressions.

Many thanks to our customers for the trust they have placed in us.


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