The Art Basel art fair took place in Miami from December 7-9 this year.
After twenty years of existence, this year saw the highest number of exhibitors to date with 283 galleries from 38 countries. When it opened its doors in 2002 with 200 exhibiting galleries, Art Basel Miami Beach immediately became one of the most important art fairs in America.

Artseco GmbH, in close cooperation with Artseco Neuss, was also present for the first time for numerous galleries from Germany. With 7 people, we supported the galleries on site and ensured a smooth set-up, helping to showcase the respective works of art individually in their most beautiful light.

A few of our art handlers also looked after a few galleries during the fair, repositioning works or packing sold works and preparing them for shipment to the respective buyer at the fair
With beautiful weather and sunshine, there was even time to plunge into the waters of the Atlantic and get to know a little of the local wildlife. In addition to the alligators, manatees, parrots and chickens, there were also some of the cute Physalia utriculus (Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish) to marvel at. There was a general consensus that none of the Artsecojans were interested in making friends with these jellyfish.

Two additional Artsecojans arrived to help the team with the dismantling.
Everything went smoothly and it is once again nice to see how such a large project can be realized,
when everyone works hand in hand.
Many thanks to our customers for the trust they have placed in us.


We have a video of our employee Marc on Facebook: