Art Basel Miami Beach is also known among art shippers as the Champions League of art fairs. Art Basel alone hosts around 200 galleries. Then there are the various satellite fairs around Miami Beach, some of which are held in oversized tents right on the beach. It is definitely a highlight when you visit Miami. We had 20 galleries on board this year, spread over 5 different fairs.

Art Basel Miami Beach, Pulse, NADA, Art Miami and Untitled…

Without giving too much away, we were able to increase the volume a little compared to last year…
We have increased our team to 7 people, as some galleries wanted to have familiar faces for the set-up.

With such a volume, we need TOP people who know how to pack collection boxes. Temporary workers are of no use to us.

All our art technicians were accommodated for the set-up and dismantling and were able to give your galleries a stress-free start to the fair.

We also mastered many different challenges this year. Among other things, a concrete sculpture was set up, which was held together with gold-plated screws, silk works, which are extremely fragile but weigh around 100 kg, had to be hung on the wall, various block suspensions in the Accord, marble sculptures weighing over 2 tons had to be erected and then palletized, light boxes had to be installed, walls had to be painted and filled and much more…

There was a lot to do…
We are working on site with our long-standing partner Atelier4. These guys and gals have meanwhile adapted to our shipment and our requirements and also ensure trust and security for our customers during the trade fair.

While the fair was running, we ArtShippers had a little time to relax, stroll around or go shopping… This year we were lying by the pool in the sunny weather and were able to relax our sore feet. Always with an eye on the dismantling phase, which lasted from Sunday to Tuesday. Then we had to walk many kilometers, carry out stand inspections and, of course, pack up all the art.

At the end, all the soft-packed works have to be collected and loaded back into our collection boxes.

Now the fair is over, some galleries were very satisfied, some could have imagined more.

But as they always say: “after the fair is before the fair”….

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