ARTSECO – On behalf of the Spiritual Care Center Bad Saarow:
What is a Spiritual Care Center?
In a Spiritual Care Center, people are supported in coping better with life crises and finding more space for questions about the deeper meaning of our lives. Inspired by Buddhist teachings, the non-profit center serves people of all worldviews and faiths. There are guest rooms for short breaks and apartments for those in need of care and the dying.

A training program is offered at the Sukhavati Academy. Health and social care workers can learn how to integrate mindfulness, meditation and compassion into their often conflict-ridden and stressful working lives. The activities of the Spiritual Care Center are supported by the Buddhist community, which studies and practices in Sukhavati and directly implements what it has learned in its work at the center. Sukhavati (ancient Indian word. It denotes the place that brings well-being, contentment and happiness). Source:

So Artseco set about installing two Buddha sculptures with an average weight of 750 kg and a height of 1.60 m in the basement of the center. After a previous inspection, the main focus was on placing this weight on the pedestals planned for these Buddhas in the position desired by the client. In view of the weight, this could only be realized with a gantry crane, of course also in view of the specified ceiling height and the size of the sculptures and their surroundings in their new home. For the time being, the new wooden floor was covered with wooden boards to protect the floor during transportation within the building. Walls in the area of the pedestal also had to be secured with boards to protect them from dirt and damage. With the combined efforts of our team, the Buddhas were freed from their prison and moved one by one to the desired position on the designated pedestal.
There they now provide a spiritual ambience.

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