I am asked again and again whether it makes sense to introduce the galleries to our themes or to give them an understanding of them. I think it is extremely important if we speak the same language and the gallery staff know what we are talking about. The high number of registrations once again proved us right.

Today, on 26.01.2016, we held our third training course for employees of various galleries. Thanks to the Malzfabrik, we were able to use a historic studio to hold the training there. We provided the necessary catering with a few treats and drinks.

All of us Artseconians were a little nervous before our part. After a general introduction to the company ARTSECO, I was able to move straight on to the different types of transportation. We had invited a guest speaker this year. Mr. Dr. Zilkens is an authority in the insurance industry in the art business. He was able to explain the importance of transport insurance from his point of view. One of the decisive factors for the galleries was what obligations and rights they have as clients. Everyone was able to ask their specific questions; case studies could be played through.

Oliver Schultze, one of our customs clearance experts, was also able to contribute his points and provide some clarification on the subject of customs. What problems can arise if the wrong customs clearance is chosen, if customs deadlines are not met or customs requirements are not observed. Here, too, individual case studies were discussed and solutions worked out in some cases. Last but not least, our warehouse manager Marc Handrich was able to talk a little about the form of packaging.

Most people are familiar with this, but there are also a few good ideas on how to make the art objects fit for transportation. What packaging requirements need to be considered? Where can the transporter and gallery owner work better together; what can be communicated to the artists in advance so that the transportation can proceed as planned without any major problems?

At the end of the day, around 3 p.m., we came to the conclusion that we want to meet again next year. This time we will be looking for another guest speaker who will certainly have something interesting to report. Let us surprise you…

Here’s to continued constructive communication


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