Bella Italia once again invited us to ARTISSIMA this year.
As the only art forwarding company in Berlin, we did not miss the opportunity to supply our customers in Turin. In addition to long-established participants, we were also able to welcome new customers “on board” this year and take the opportunity to bring along one or two works for collectors based in Turin. Many last-minute requests from Italian galleries – who were presenting Berlin artists at Artissima – challenged us again shortly before departure, so we quickly dispatched a van to Piedmont in addition to our truck. On the day of delivery, we had to quickly take pole position in order to get to the exhibition passes and thus to the best unloading point in front of the exhibition gates. No sooner said than done!

Thanks to the good organization of the fair by the organizer and the local conditions at Oval Lingotto, the sculptures, paintings, photos and other fair goods could be quickly unloaded and transported to the stands in the best weather.

And because Artseco is what it is, the two ArtHandlers were allowed to stay in Turin during the fair and enjoy Turin. They were able to relax a little in the finest weather.

The Automobile Museum was quickly chosen as the object of their desire. Unfortunately, we don’t transport this art, so you can only look at it, not touch it.

Dismantling was again a bit tricky, as the time window in Turin is kept quite short.

But thanks to the good planning and cooperation with our customers, all the galleries were ready on time so that our guys could leave on time…

Ciao bella Italia, see you next year at Artissima

By the way, you can find a short video on Facebook under Artseco.