Paris is actually one of the most beautiful trade fairs of the year.
The building alone, the “Grand Palais”, makes you part of a great show. However, it is noticeable that fewer and fewer German galleries are taking part. It is slowly becoming too expensive with the stand rental or it is too close in time to the London Frieze fair. This development in Paris is therefore logical. Space is opening up for smaller fairs such as Paris International.

The location is a horror for any art shipper. A residential building with 4 floors has been made available. A mini-elevator with space for a maximum of one person was shut down for set-up. The big challenge this year was to use muscle power to carry a modified motorcycle up the spiral staircase. 280 kg were then transported to the 4th floor. But our ArtHandlers also managed this with teamwork.

The second challenge was that we had significantly more art on board despite the loss of participants, so we drove to Paris with an articulated truck. Anyone who knows Paris from traffic knows that you want to get out as quickly as possible. In the end, five of us carried everything into the fair.

We would like to thank our customers for their loyalty and the trust they have placed in us. Our ArtHandlers are always fully booked for installation at the trade fairs. We are very pleased about this, as we get to know more and more of our customers’ art and this collaboration also brings us together. FIAC Paris ( is always a feast for the eyes, and we look forward to next year when it’s time again:

On revient toujours à ses premières amours!

Your Artseco Team