On April 27, the Future Day for Boys and Girls 2017 also took place at our Artseco GmbH outdoor warehouse. Future Day is a nationwide day of action for career guidance and life planning for school pupils.

Why does Boys’ and Girls’ Day exist?
The aim is to break down the typical role models in the workplace. When we think of kindergarten, we often think of kindergarten teachers, but very few people think of a woman when it comes to road construction. It is precisely this stereotypical thinking that is to be broken by simply taking a look at a job that, according to stereotypes, is intended for the opposite sex.

It was particularly important to us:
– Getting to know new career perspectives: Occupational fields in which few men/women still work.
– Examining the different role models of women and men.
– Developing social skills: E.g. training in teamwork and conflict resolution skills.

Many thanks to our three visitors and perhaps also future Art Handling Ladies, we had a lot of fun and we are delighted that you took part with so much enthusiasm.

We also made a little video that you can see on our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/artsecoGmbH
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